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”Where is he?” Minho yelled, fist lifted, ready to punch anyone who planned on holding him back.
Jansen looked almost satisfied. A little smile plastered onto his face that didn’t seem to vanish.
“Where is Thomas?” Minho yelled again, this time with more force and rage in his voice.
“He’s currently in his third trial. I told you already.” Jansen replied and raised his eyebrows for no apparent reason.
“Room C480. This is also something I told you already. Also, you know you’re not allowed to go there.”
Minho didn’t care anymore. He looked around, acting as if he was distracted by a fly, and noticed that Jansen hadn’t taken any guards with him. He made his descision, already knowing he’d regret it afterwards. With a quicker movement than he thought he was able to make, he punched Jansen in the face. The man fell over and hit his head on the window sill.
He stormed off, frantically searching for the staircase. Then he remembered the way the guards who’d taken him to the room with the other gladers had taken.
Minho ran along two different hallways until he eventually found the staircase again. He hasted up three floors until he was on story C. Room 500 was right in front of him. A short look to the left told him that he had to go that way.
“Thomas!” He yelled, hoping for an answer.
“Thomas! Please!”
As he reached the room 480, he stared at the sign that was hung up next to the white door.

Subject A2 - Phase 3 initiated - Disturbing strictly prohibited

Minho banged his hands against the door. “Thomas can you hear me?” He screamed, his voice breaking. He was scared; about to cry.
“Please.” His screaming slowly turned into whimpering.

A piercing pain in the neck, his head lolled to the side. He fell down on the floor, barely noticing anything.
“He thinks he has hallucinations, Minho. You’re scaring him.” Jansen’s voice said and Minho could unmistakably hear the faint smile that was still on the man’s lips.
“It’s better to anesthetize you, believe me. You won’t remember a thing afterwards. You won’t remember making Thomas panic. And that’s a good thing, right?”
“Thomas..” Minho slurred before he eventually lost consciousness. “I want to see him.”

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